Blumengarten Spa & Wellness Center

Gift packs

Either you want to make a surprise to your loved ones, or you want to offer a unique gift to your business partners, we suggest the gift packs “Weekend SPA Blumengarten”. They contain more than just an exquisite SPA experience. They are a real synesthesic incursion through various countries from where we have inspired in order to offer you the best relaxation and antistress techniques. And because you know better what those whom you want to make this surprise prefer, we invite you to create together the perfect program. We guarantee that you will receive lots of congratulations and compliments on the choice made!

From here you can go on a trip through the town or nearby. 

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Dry sauna


Dry sauna works in the inside and outside. Around 30% of the toxins retained in your body is eliminated through the hot air. Sauna favours the production of collagen, eliminates cellulite, so that your skin regains its elasticity and brightness and will breathe again. Since we are talking about breathing, then we should tell you that inhaling warm air is a very good remedy for your breathing and sinuses problems.

Wet sauna


The sense of well-being that one session of wet sauna gives you is something special. We sauna helps you eliminate toxins retained in your body, moisturizes your skin and melts the adipose tissue.

Hay bath


The hay bath (hay capsules) is something new in Romania, although researchers pointed out its benefits a very long time ago. When you inhale the hay flavour, a deep relaxation of nerves and muscles takes place and a noticeable improvement of the breathing process is obtained.

Relaxation room


The relaxation room is equipped with sun and water beds. Relaxing music and aromatherapy complete the scenery. Even the light in here is designed in such a way that it induces a much deeper relaxation. Here you can read, meditate or simply sleep. We assure you, that once you get out of the “room of miracles”, you will feel a totally different person, rejuvenated and with a lot of appetite for life.



Jacuzzi is best known for its relaxation effects, improving blood circulation by means of air bubble massaging of your back, neck and legs.

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