Business events

Conference rooms – Amadeus, Galileo und Oberth allow you to organize a wide variety of business events, from small group meetings to seminars and large audience presentations. All rooms are endowed with the latest high-tech.

Lorelei Restaurant can offer a different kind of space for your business events or for organizing dinner parties and balls. At the same time, due to its flexibility, it may also host personal events. We assure you of the fact that our chefs know how to make menu suggestions for any type of protocol, at high standards.

“La Pastorella Wine Cellar”  is an excellent location for having dinner with your business partners or for corporate parties. With a capacity of 85 seats, “La Pastorella” cellar combines rustic design with mural painting reproductions after Pieter Bruegel the Old, also called Pieter Bruegel of Peasants, the well-known Flemish painter of the XVIth century. So that the atmosphere is complete, live music always ”matches” the dishes prepared by our cooks for the business or personal events that you want to organize here.

The terrace is another place where you can dine with your business partners. Also, if you want to invite your colleagues, business partners or clients to watch together a national or international sports event held in a very high quality environment, here you can find all the comfort you need, impeccable services, as well as large screens, so that your experience should be a special one.

“Zara Cafe Bar” can become the ideal location for business meetings during the day. The intimate atmosphere, the wide range of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drings, as well as the considerate staff, ready to offer you the best quality services, are the necessary ingredients so that your business meetings are successful.

In the evening, it can turn into the favourite bar, in which you and your colleagues or business partners can indulge yourselves in fine drinks, organize small parties or simply have a chat in a refined atmosphere.

Weekend SPA – an exquisite gift you can offer on special occasions to colleagues and business partners. Together, we can come up with special programs, so that the week-end spent at the SPA turns into an unforgetable experience, comparable with the best international resorts.

You can choose to book the hotel entirely, for large sized events, since the 52 rooms, distributed on 4 floors cover the entire range of accommodation needs. Thus, national sales meetings, yearly conferences on various subjects or any other type of business event can take place here under the best conditions, because you can benefit at maximum from absolutely all the endowments you may need, in one location: Binder Bubi Hotel Sighisoara – the only 5-star location in the area.


We know what organising an event means, so you can leave it all to us.

You just need to tell us:

1. What kind of reunion you want to organise: business or personal?

2. How many people you want to invite?

3. What dishes you would like to serve?

4. What kind of music you would like?

5. When you would like the event to take place?

6. In which part of the BinderBubi hotel would you like the event to take place?

7. Which is the budget allocated? If you haven´t planned a budget yet, we can help you with several suggestions.


You can answer these questions here and we shall send you all the information and suggestions that you need.

Should you be in a hurry, you can call us directly at the number: 0372.088.888

We have experience in organizing events, we are flexible and we shall meet you halfway with pieces of advice  and suggestions. Tell us what you want and we shall make your dream come true. We place everything at your disposal, from highly performant sound effects equipment, up to room decoration and mise-en-place.


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